The vision for Muse Wear is to be a hub for artists seeking high quality dance clothing that make them feel inspired, comfortable, and confident. 10 years of experience as a dance educator has allowed me to see the impact clothing has had on my students' confidence. I have witnessed a need in real time, linking dancers' confidence to their dance clothes. When my students were not wearing clothing they felt comfortable, supported, or free in I could always sense their confidence dimming. They would fidget, be easily distracted, and struggled to be the most present and skilled versions of themselves. In contrast, I had experienced the opposite relationship with clothing throughout my ballet training. I always felt fashionable and precise in my ballet uniform. It allowed me to feel focused, disciplined, and fully present in my education. Throughout my time as an educator I thought to myself… I need to create clothing that can allow dancers to focus on their movement, unlocking the confidence which will help them reach their full potential.

Muse Wear uplifts and impacts the dance community by prioritizing mental health, body positivity, representation, and accessibility. Dance can be a competitive art and industry, one way to rise to the competition is through fashion. At Muse Wear we understand that when a dancer looks good, they feel good, and their clothes have the potential to allow the dancer to present themselves and move with confidence. Our current line is crafted with a dancer's confidence and emotional support in mind. Additionally, our campaigns promote body positivity and representation of the BIPOC community. Our models represent a wide range of races and beautiful body types, all equally embraced and respected. Through representation we strive to show people of every background, body type, and race that they have a place in the dance industry and dance studio. Finally, Muse Wear price points are competitive as we aim to make high quality dance clothing accessible to all income brackets.